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The owners of the MeridLife brand of products welcome you and thank you for taking the time to view our site.

CEO & Founder Richie Walker and longtime business partner VP & Co-Founder Brett Aaron, created MC Ltd. (Hong Kong) in 2009 as the holding company for the MeridLife Health Supplements, Femcare and MeridLife Premium Pet Supplement product line.

The MeridLife brand is a leader in the health supplement industry for the Asian and Middle Eastern markets. We are also moving into the US and Canadian market.

At MeridLife, we aspire to bring to our clients, premium quality health and vitality products for children, adults and seniors by providing enhanced, new generation formulas.

We strive to provide to you and your family, fitness products for daily wellness that will greatly enhance everyone’s lifestyle.

The R&D staff has also developed the MeridLife Premium Pet product line that we hope will exceed the expectations of our pet supply customers.

Regional expansion in the field of cutting-edge health supplements in powder form, capsules, jelly strips and chews is what we focus our attention on developing for our strong base of key retail customers: Costco Taiwan, Korea and Japan, Costco TMall Global and Watsons and many other blue chip general market clients.

Our E-commerce business always serves as a vital source of product awareness, especially in China. As mentioned, we sell our products on Costco TMall Global and Tmall.cn which are owned by Alibaba.